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Dennis was subsisting on a diet of White Castle burgers, pizza and pretty much whatever his owner was chowing down on - brining him to a massive 56 pounds.
"Breeding needs to be primarily for health and welfare," Rooney told HuffPost. "In my ideal world, we'd just do away with
How? Let's just say Frankenstein and your adorable bulldog might have more in common than you think. The video ends with
While neutering reduces suffering in general, it may well put your individual pet at greater risk of a serious disease such as cancer. It's a classic conflict between what is best for the individual versus what is best for society. Is there an alternative to routine de-sexing of pets?
As with so many slick marketing campaigns, the American Kennel Club has glossed over the downside of purebred dogs, including the fact that they often suffer miserably from congenital defects and inherited diseases. Here is the info that you won't hear from the AKC about those top 10 breeds.