american league

I know there are certain things I'm not rational about and one of them is my husband playing baseball. It all started when we were dating. He was playing baseball after work. I was spending time with my two young sons after work. I never got to see him play. I've been waiting patiently ever since.
Any other year is fine. Just not this year, Yankees.
Don't look now, but baseball's hottest team is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who entered the All-Star break with a 57-37 record, 1 1/2 games behind the first place Oakland Athletics in the American League West.
No matter who wins this year's MVP, the view from the Trout Farm was fantastic. And... we got a Mike Trout T-shirt! Those of us that had the pleasure of watching Mike's phenomenal season from section 101 in 2013 are already anticipating the enjoyment of watching him play in 2014.
How can anyone who had a near MVP season like Mike Trout continue to perform at a level that ignites a team, energizes the fans, and awes the league? Well baseball fans, he's doing it again!