American Legion

The nearly 100-year-old cross was built on public land in Maryland to honor fallen World War I soldiers.
“Support our troops,” read a leaflet my children brought home from school in their backpacks in January 1991. It was a message
Some veteran service organizations have drawn a line in the sand to defend VA health care.
In addition to defending the presence of Bibles in the displays at VA clinics and other military installations by falsely
Among those who did return and the family members of all who served, I see too much addiction and pain. That personal human suffering is an unacceptable legacy to those who died in service to their nation.
Don Draper has been shedding quite a few things this season. So it makes sense that he ends the penultimate episode in the epic novel for television that is Mad Men sitting alone on a bus stop in Oklahoma, heading west.
“Where do their interests lie?” Gonzalez said of the Education Department. “The only two agencies in this situation who have
Helm made a point of saying that the American Legion supports legal immigration, and that the U.S. "has benefited enormously
"A lot of the younger members, they're working, they have families, they have children," said Jones. "They have to go to
It was time for me to tell my son the story behind the little red poppies. I turned off the soccer match and explained to my son why the poppy has long been associated with the Armistice and honoring veterans.