American Medical Association

The decision prevents child welfare officials from investigating the parents of a transgender teenager over gender-confirming care the youth received.
Ivermectin should not be used for treating or preventing COVID-19, the American Medical Association said alongside two other professional organizations.
The nation's top infectious disease expert said it is "inexplicable" that some people working in the medical community are refusing to get vaccinated.
Howard Bauchner is stepping down as editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
The Biden team has been trying to devise a coordinated national coronavirus strategy, as state governments continue to scramble separately.
If not, kids may not be able to get vaccinated until well into the next school year, pediatricians warn.
While Trump and Biden wait for the last electoral votes, over 100,000 Americans were confirmed to have the coronavirus today, setting a new record.
Experts have long worried about the pandemic coinciding with flu season.
“We’re five months into this and there are still shortages of gowns, hair covers, shoe covers, masks, N95 masks,” said the president of National Nurses United.
“We’re setting records, practically every day," the nation's top infectious disease expert warned.