American Medical Association

"Health risks in the future are dire without urgent action," wrote the American Medical Association and dozens of other health organizations.
The Trump administration’s new rule will bar doctors for low-income women from offering full info on reproductive care options.
Critics in the medical community say it’s hypocritical to back staunchly pro-gun lawmakers and demand action on gun violence.
The new border policy could have lifelong medical consequences for these children.
The group calls for banning sales and possession of all assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.
The Knoxes are helping patients understand and reimagine medical cannabis.
Some these could save years of wasted time, effort and resources.
When victory is more important than values democracy suffers. In the early morning hours on December 2nd the Senate Republicans
There may be no good explanation for why these events happen, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to prevent them.
Another health organization calls to start school later — and the NEA and National PTA agree.
What has happened as the iron-core of journalism has weakened is the emergence of largely unchecked corporate power and a
by Geoff West Washington lobbying groups spent less money and reported fewer lobbyists during the third quarter of 2017 than
Co-authored by Sandra Swantek, MD, associate professor and director of geriatric psychiatry, Rush University Medical Center