American middle class

Several candidates ganged up on Elizabeth Warren for not giving a more direct answer on taxes.
President Trump, in his victory celebration over the passage of the Republican tax bill today, said it was a big Christmas
In recognition of National Manufacturing Day, more than 170 events will take place today across California. Hosted by manufacturers
Growth and opportunity require robust new business creation.
As expected, the war on science and the environment is underway. The president’s proposed budget is the starting point of
For an increasing number of Americans, disappearing opportunity is a source of anxiety and frustration. They feel unable to find a foothold in the economy and, over time, better their lot in life.
President Obama's stance on TPP is that Americans should trust him. But even for those who fundamentally support free trade, the experience of the last half-century is hard to square with the president's conviction.
There is no longer a majority of the middle class, which has been decimated most recently by the busted housing bubble, but over a much longer period by the loss of those jobs dominating the post WWII economy that migrated overseas and blighted cities and even suburbs as a consequence.