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Hundreds of scientists are already demanding Long Island billionaire Rebekah Mercer leave the museum board over her climate change denial funding.
Rebekah Mercer’s growing support for climate change denial movements threatens the storied museum’s credibility, the scientists say.
By Ed Yong On Wednesday, a team of scientists unveiled a newly discovered dinosaur that had the body and sickle-clawed feet
For the pesky plane ride, electronics are major key. As much as we try to dissuade our kids from staying glued to screens
Inside the adult sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History.
A scene from Jessie Deeter's 'A Revolution in Four Seasons,' recently screened at the 2016 Margaret Meade Film Festival. By
Conspicuously, yet glaringly, absent from this list is our nation's oldest natural history museum: New York's American Museum
Maybe we're just blips on some cosmic computer screen.
The specimen is on display at the American Museum of Natural History.
There is no one type of museum artist-in-residence program. In many institutions, the artist-in-residence program is run out of the museum's education department with a very specific mandate to develop and complete projects with school-age children, and there may be no studio or materials for the artists or opportunities for them to exhibit their own work.
It's thrilling to see the Nobel, intended for a "most important discovery," given to a modest, selfless, humanitarian polymath, and perhaps not so much for a stroke of genius as for a lifetime of determination.