American petroleum Institute

The American Petroleum Institute sent Trump’s Interior Department a lengthy list of demands in March to help it weather the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Supreme Court nominee refused to answer written questions about her connections to the American Petroleum Institute.
As the Trump administration considers aid for companies hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, it'll be difficult to defend including oil drillers and gas frackers.
The oil industry “leads the pack by a mile,” with the American Petroleum Institute accounting for nearly half the total.
The provision is included in a package that resembles an industry wish list.
Ryan Zinke's address to American Petroleum Institute directors financially benefitted the president.
"You took our s**t," Oliver said of American Petroleum Institute ad that aired during the Olympics.
The fossil fuel industry is spending millions to salvage its reputation.
Oil companies' coordinated cover-up of climate risks stretches back decades and rivals that of big tobacco companies.