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There is nothing more unifying in America than our love of storytelling. We sit around dinner tables and campfires, telling tales about our travels and experiences, talking about our pasts and the pasts of those we love the most. These stories unify us in community and country and give us a pride of place.
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"Made in America." "Born in the USA." "Proud to be an American." If there's one thing the United States has going for it
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According to a recent nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 78 percent of Americans that were given a choice between an identical product made in the U.S. and one made abroad, would rather buy the American product. Why?
Many of the great symbols of Liberty we Americans cherish are actually not American at all. The Statue of Liberty is French
Even if a product is "kinda" made in America, it can still have a major impact on the U.S. economy in terms of growth, innovation and the domestic job creation we so badly need during this phase of our economic recovery.
If Santa now resides in a communist country of 1.3 billion where his elves may construct toys in sweatshop conditions no American worker would tolerate, does that somehow make him less jolly?