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We know that Clinton is determined to excel at all things. She might just pull it off.
At a time when America is experiencing an upsurge of progressive organizing and activism -- from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter to Bernie Sanders' campaign for president -- we need a regular columnist who can explain what's going on, why it's happening, and what it means.
On Monday, Seattle struck a blow against rising inequality when its City Council unanimously adopted a citywide minimum wage of $15 an hour, the highest in the nation. This dramatic change in public policy is partly the result of changes brought about by last November's Seattle municipal elections. But it is also the consequence of years of activism in Seattle and around the country.
I have a lot of gratitude to @theprospect for giving me a chance in journalism. It’s sad to see all of this happen. — Jamelle
"I think the key is that the current generation and the one coming up next will stay at the Prospect and make it their own
The good news: The American Prospect, which has sought financial donations to keep it afloat, has met its $200,000 goal. The
"If we do not find those commitments, the Prospect as we’ve known it will cease," they wrote. "This is real. And the stakes
Still, Rachlis thought the situation was serious enough to inform staffers last Thursday of the magazine's current financial
It would have been nice if when announcing the budget deal, President Obama had set aside the politician's natural inclination
This week, the House voted to shut down the carbon regulation program at the Environmental Protection Agency, but the Senate