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News media reported this week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is moving ahead with the inclusion of “gaming disorder
There are steps we can take to curb doctors' high suicide rates.
Co-authored by Sandra Swantek, MD, associate professor and director of geriatric psychiatry, Rush University Medical Center
How The Mental Health Community Has Missed The Point About Diagnosis and Political Capacity Lloyd I. Sederer, MD Psychiatric
Whenever I hear supporters of the Graham-Cassidy bill talk about why it should be passed, the main reason seems to be that
An old ethics rule on discussing public figures' mental health is sparking debate.
According to health policy expert Daniel E. Dawes, “The Senate bill is an even meaner bill than the House bill.” Dawes (who
June 27 is National PTSD Awareness Day, an opportunity to bring to light a disorder that affects millions of Americans every
The Obamacare repeal bill kicks lottery winners off Medicaid, but some may need treatment for gambling addiction.