American Public Education

  An issue that poses major distraction in classrooms around the globe: student usage of cellular technology. And because
On September 01, 2014, Lyndsey Layton of the Washington Post officially introduced Peter Cunningham’s Education Post to the
It looks less like altruism and more like opportunism.
Today, my first friend turns 50 years old.  We were born only a few weeks apart, in the month of August 1967, and we grew
I just finished viewing the 90-minute film, Passion to Teach, which I was asked to review by its producers, career teachers
The US Department of Education website needs updating – comically so. If one clicks on the link, “An Overview of the US Department
On May 4, 2017, teachers, their assistants, and paraprofessionals at the Edgewater, Ill.-based Passages Charter School voted
According to Politico’s March 23, 2017, Morning Education, controversial New Mexico education commissioner Hannah Skandera
On March 08, 2017, Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath suspended the operations of San Antonio-based charter school
Real learning means our kids can use what they learned to solve new problems, to adapt what they know to learn still more. American kids could do just as well as their peers in other countries.
Americans are now confronted with two radically different visions of public education. Which vision ultimately prevails will go a long way toward determining the quality of the education available to future generations of children.