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Being on a beautiful beach and swimming in warm Caribbean waters is already romantic--adding an experience snorkeling with
Pacific Islanders are among the most vulnerable people to climate change. This is a way of fighting back.
Residents only get to vote in primary elections, not the general.
Tomorrow's the big night, whether you prefer to call it Super Tuesday or the "SEC Tuesday" (because of all the Southern states). So rather than scramble to get this out before the polls close tomorrow night, I'm posting all my primary picks today.
PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (AP) - American Samoa stands as the only U.S. territory to hold out against the recent Supreme
When the president starts talking about voting rights for all Americans, heck, that's pretty exciting if you're a non-voting delegate. Until you realize he is not talking about you or the four million U.S. citizens you represent. Then it gets awkward.
When I met my husband in Suva, Fiji, seven years ago, I did not realize that the day would mark the end of my open admiration of Shania Twain, obsession over corned beef or giving freely without questioning.
"Two Dollar Beach" on Tutuila Island About a seven-hour boat ride whisks you to the even more remote Manu'a island chain
We small islanders contribute the least to climate changing emissions -- yet we suffer most from the effects of climate change. We do not want your pity or your donor dollars -- we want industrialized countries to partner with us to beat these challenges.
This month, as President Obama prepares once again to address the nation, nearly 600 soldiers from Guam are returning home after a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan, yet they are being denied democracy at home.
HuffPost's Third Metric wants you to redefine success beyond money and power. Today we look at how one woman gives back.
Yakutat, Alaska American Samoa, U.S. Pacific Territories Internet and cell phone signals are only sporadically available
An ethnic Armenian gay man has been living what has been described as the real-life version of "The Terminal" in American