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The new coin is the wholesome news people have been craving after a rough start to 2020.
A U.S. district judge in Utah said it was unconstitutional for people born in American Samoa to be considered U.S. “nationals” and not citizens with full rights.
Standing atop the Haleakala Crater in Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui, Islands of Hawai'i. Photo credit: Jonathan
Pacific Islanders are among the most vulnerable people to climate change. This is a way of fighting back.
Let's hope this doesn't become the norm. 🙅
Residents only get to vote in primary elections, not the general.
Tomorrow's the big night, whether you prefer to call it Super Tuesday or the "SEC Tuesday" (because of all the Southern states). So rather than scramble to get this out before the polls close tomorrow night, I'm posting all my primary picks today.
PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (AP) - American Samoa stands as the only U.S. territory to hold out against the recent Supreme