American Thinker

After Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was trolled, thousands showed support with #IMarchWithLinda.
American Thinker is your garden-variety right-wing site for people who believe Jesus personally hand-delivered the Constitution to the founding fathers. What sets it apart is that one of its bloggers, Robert Oscar Lopez, is allegedly gay and claims to have been raised by two lesbians.
There is such an uproar over the snowy residue that some believe the storm could grow political. So where has Mayor Bloomberg gone wrong?
Rush Limbaugh felt certain he had the next big Obama story in his lap. He -- or somebody on his staff -- thought they had discovered a portion of Obama's Columbia undergraduate thesis.
The most eye-opening event that unfolded in the wake of Specter's move was the completely new way in which the Senator got treated by the Republican Noise Machine.