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Cross-posted from Consider the latest news from America’s war zones, still spreading across the Greater Middle
In America’s wars, failure is the new success.
Liberals must develop a more effective means of engaging their staunchest critics.
"Whatever party or wherever we come from, America will have to stand tall again for values and not this kind of disgusting discussion."
Last week I watched Zootopia with my kids, as news of Charlottesville burned through our TV screens. An eye-opener of a film
The post-Cold War consensus collapses.
Discrimination, by one American against another, has been one of our most despicable and implacable enemies.
The fight for more diversity in media is a battle that’s been given a lot of attention this year. Thanks to shows and films
By Jeffrey Solomon “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The famous phrase confirms to all here and around the world
This is Part 2 of my July 4th Independence Day blog. Part 1 explored my approach to teaching American history and included