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Tens of thousands of people plan to protest in full force.
The expat population is growing. If the American expat population was one state, it would be America's 13th most populous state.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received far more than President-elect Donald Trump from Americans living
After spending the past two years in between the U.S. and the German-speaking world, I'm starting to think it's more than just the fear-mongering American media that gives undue coverage to toddler-snatching alligators and brain-eating amoeba infested lakes.
There are several concerns about traveling to North Korea, especially since the country's criminal laws include arrest and
It's about time. America has been a target for almost every intellectual writer the last decades. They have followed the mainstream and willingly criticized America without inhibitions. Enough is enough - here is a positive and very honest article about America for a change.
What I also have learned from other cultures is that there must be both work and play time. That the healthiest and also
The dance music and sporting events on the TVs were replaced with a news station and its audio. Chatter was reduced to whispered confusion. We were sending messages to loved ones to let them know we were safe and away from danger. But then more news trickled in.
The echo from most parts of the world is that "America is a country with the very best and the very worst." This article is about the very worst.
I strongly believe I can present accurate responses about how people in the world actually think about the country that we have heard is the greatest country on Earth, and not only quick shallow statements because it's the right thing to say.