Americans Elect

Steve Forbes: Every once in a while, we are reminded that people sometimes turn to Steve Forbes to suss out what's going
Bloomberg has his work cut out for him if it's just an exercise in cutting checks. Few are brave enough to cross the aisle, even when there's a clear national or constituent imperative.
The leaders of Concerned Youth of America are likely all wonderful, well-meaning people. They may vote for Democrats and Republicans both, but that does not make them the political middle. What unites this supposed "center" is its haughty elitism.
Why go through with a national campaign they are going to lose, that keeps them in fringe territory, and risks throwing the election to the party they most disagree with? Herewith a solution: don't.
As the parties have polarized they have grown the divide between them and subtracted a large number of registered voters from their rolls. This polarization has increased the ranks of reported independents substantially.
As I am no longer a candidate for president, I am free to pledge a good portion of the rest of my life to enacting campaign
Americans Elect's proclaimed goal of bringing bipartisanship to the White House is admirable. But a bipartisanship ticket is a naive and misguided approach.
It was a somewhat eclectic week in politics. The House -- in one of their rare moments when they actually meet and attempt to get something done -- passed a bunch of bills which have exactly zero chance of becoming law. Well, at least they had fun, right?
Isn't it clear by now that flesh and blood humans have made a complete mess of things? We trust corporations with what we eat, watch, drive, and do online -- so why not complete the circle and give corporations our vote?
"Let's make history!" concluded Wachtel (in the emailed version of the statement). You know ... maybe someday! As long as
So Americans Elect continues to struggle with basic online community-building. Of course, that's the charitable explanation
Americans Elect was never a grassroots movement. At best, it was a well-funded organization in which a number of elites could dream up a fake democratic process and pretend they were above the silly infighting of the plebes.
The cognoscenti so dismissive of American Elects' efforts merely smirk, mocking the truth many of us consider self-evident: Our partisan duopoly continues to fail us.
Per Bernstein: You probably haven't been paying much attention to the Nebraska GOP Senate primary (there is one, and it's
So, it's very clear what Americans Elect's agenda was. It's just as clear that all the efforts it undertook to mask this
The second example was financial reform. The president sat back and let Congress pass Dodd-Frank, which addresses neither
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Even if the Americans Elect nominee figured out how to defeat Obama and Mitt Romney, the centrist president would still have the same Congress stymied by a Republican Party that values purity of essence more than progress.
If you're 30 or older, stop reading. This isn't for you. This is for America's sacrificial lambs -- our children.
Troiano, it should be noted, still avidly supports Americans Elect and their larger effort, and keeps his work for Walker