americans for prosperity

Any nominee “in the spirit of Justice Neil Gorsuch” will get a thumbs-up from the conservative megadonors.
He’s leaving his family’s conglomerate and Americans for Prosperity.
The billionaire Koch brothers’ political network wants to show it will punish Republicans who don’t support its agenda.
To anyone who follows politics, the Koch brothers are best known for spearheading a sprawling network of groups that invest millions in conservative, libertarian-leaning candidates and causes.
Outside groups -- including politically active nonprofits like the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity -- have spent more money trying to influence the 2016 Ohio Senate race between Republican Sen. Rob Portman and his challenger, Democrat Ted Strickland, than any other congressional contest: $15.5 million so far.
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: India's Prime Minister praises environmental responsibility to Congressional Republicans; Bankrupt
The press corps is threatened and depleted but continues to crank out quality journalism.
Recent bankruptcy filings reveal that coal companies are still funding climate science denier groups.
The Soviet Union seemed permanent and invincible, until it didn't. When it fell, far more suddenly than anyone thought it would or could, the festering rot of decades was exposed to the world. We're seeing this happen, in real time, with the Republican Party.
Much has been written about the Colorado Democrats' proposal to remove a hospital fee from TABOR restrictions. But one question that hasn't been explained fully is, why the near-unanimous opposition by Republican state lawmakers to the proposal?
Their net worth has more than doubled since the president was elected.
The ongoing push to lift the ban on exports of U.S.-produced crude oil appears to be coming to a close, with Congress agreeing to a budget deal with a provision to end the decades-old embargo.
The American Legislative Exchange Council's three annual meetings are quite the spectacle. This month, at ALEC's third and final meeting of the year in Scottsdale, Arizona, I had an interesting encounter with a member of ALEC's board of directors.
Coloradans may soon have that same feeling about who was actually behind the dramatic wins and losses of the 2015 School
Starting today, three bills are being rammed through the Wisconsin legislature that will put the final nails in the coffin of our state's long history of clean elections and accountable governance. Who is asking for these bills? Now we know.
A national network of utility interest groups and fossil fuel industry-funded think tanks provides funding, model legislation and political cover for anti-solar campaigns
The oil billionaire says he's disclosed all of his political contributions.