Americans United for Life

Teresa Manning once said "contraception doesn't work."
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado issued a report yesterday exposing the legislative influence in Colorado of two national anti-choice organizations, Americans United for Life (AUL) and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), as well as the state-wide network of "crisis pregnancy centers."
Is there a disconnect here? Since effective contraception lessens the number of unwanted pregnancies, and thus the number of abortions? Well, yes. But the people playing the Personhood Game simply have their eye on the prize: Fertilized egg wins, woman loses.
But anti-abortion groups are still unsatisfied with the new rule because it requires employers to give their insurers' contact
With the closing of 13 abortion clinics in Texas, one out of six Texas women seeking an abortion will have to travel 150 miles or more. But one out of six? That's only a small fraction, according to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.
"At a time when American people need jobs, some members of Congress are instead misusing political power to go after health
First, it was South Dakota. Then Nebraska and Iowa. The similarly worded bills, which have quietly cropped up recently in
The nation's oldest anti-abortion group is lending its first-ever political endorsement to Colorado Senate candidate Jane