americans with disabilities

Health care is not a privilege based on age, gender, ability, or income. Health care is a basic human right.
Americans with disabilities are a part of the “Forgotten Americans” whom President Trump pledged to remember. On the campaign
Donald Trump was elected president on a promise, central to his campaign, to protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
Doctors, patients, and families need to send a clear message to the Trump regime, our Congress, Secretary Price, and Speaker Ryan.
This story needs to be talked about! There is no shame in living a life with a disability. The shame is that the media sees
Dream big. Be enabled. Be empowered. Set savings goals. Enlist support of family and friends. Be ready for a more self-determined and self-directed future. Be ready to make your first contribution to a down payment on freedom.
This could be good news for people with disabilities who live in the nation's capital.
It's easy to assume that because of the ADA, discrimination never occurs and full equality prevails for every person with a disability living in the United States. This wishful thinking is comparable to thinking that racism no longer exists because we have an African American president.
About one in five.
By simply adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the federal law, states and supporters will be able to pursue religious freedom legislation unencumbered by the belief that these laws will be used to discriminate against the LGBT community.