Americans with Disabilities Act

“You really don't realize how inaccessible the city is until you need it to be accessible for you.”
No other group in society needs to prove that its members deserve access to a public space.
America's Deaf community is 30 million strong. We need more of them leading, especially in the workplace.
Disability advocates were dragged from the Capitol Building after a bill to gut the ADA was passed in the House.
If it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act, I wouldn’t be here today.
Of the nine films nominated for Best Picture, four have themes or sub-plots related to disability.
Unfortunately, we know President Trump is already going after the Affordable Care Act.
According to the National Trends in Disability Employment (nTIDE), now marks the longest run of employment gains for Americans with disabilities since the Great Recession.
Article after article discusses our need to ensure diversity, but they rarely mention disabilities.
On November 2nd, 2016, the world lost a good natured, empathetic and heroic person. This happened on a day in Chicago history
This election is personal. Clinton is pragmatic. She has a record of reaching across the aisle and getting things done. Her
The Supreme Court will decide whether Ehlena Fry's family can sue for damages after her school didn't let the pup assist her.
If a person who is deaf feels like they are a valuable part of the workforce, they are likely to perform better and feel more invested in the success of the company.
Including his brand-new, “very special” hotel in Washington, D.C.
How can different federal or quasi-federal agencies have different definitions of effective access? Yet the Smithsonian on