Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

“No student should be forced to make the choice of forfeiting their education or risking their health," an attorney said.
Being required to get vaccinated for work could be the deciding factor for the many Americans who have expressed skepticism of it.
Both Black and disabled Americans experience police brutality at high rates. So why is the plight of Black disabled Americans an afterthought?
The Americans With Disabilities Act passed in 1990, declaring equality for disabled people across the country. But activists say the work isn’t done.
“The Americans with Disabilities Act has been the law of the land for 30 years,” the senator wrote on Twitter.
The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 changed my life. But Bush was a flawed leader.
Hollywood can be an "ableist dumpster fire," says activist Alice Wong.
Officials in majority-black Randolph County lack the data to back a proposal to shutter most voting spots.
H.R. 620 would make it even harder for disabled people to work, go to school and live their lives.