I am frustrated by the lack of understanding that undermines the efforts of many dedicated staff and volunteers in the nonprofit
Photos show the impossibly bad scene left by Harvey, with bayous, boat rescues -- and bodies.
My organization, AmeriCares, began such programs in earnest five years ago in the aftermath of Japan's tsunami and nuclear
In the months and years ahead, stress could damage individuals and families. When an earthquake wipes hometowns off maps, psychosocial care is critical and is always part of a long-term, comprehensive response.
The opportunity to make a difference is open to each of us nearly every day -- we just have to honor the impulse and act.
It's our global responsibility towards humanity to encourage compassion for those suffering, and support efforts to completely eliminate the Ebola virus by the end of 2015. Together we can make this happen!
When traveling to areas devastated by earthquakes and violent storms, the physical damage is often apparent even before you step off the plane.
Isaac's greatest toll may be the results of its rainwater -- expected to amount to about eight to 12 inches on the island
Today, even though we have this information as well as how they are transmitted, there is still the likelihood of a widespread epidemic occurring if steps are not taken to protect our families and communities. Vaccination is one of these steps and by doing so you just might become a hero yourself.
See below for ways you can still help. AmeriCares: The organization has donated items such as blankets, water bottles, insulin
AmeriCares is accepting donations to provide emergency medicines and supplies, with immediate shipment possible. The organization
Without access to reduced cost health care, the uninsured are more likely to wait longer, become sicker, and burden emergency departments, all at a greater cost to patient, facility, and taxpayer.
Having just returned from Haiti with President Clinton, I can attest to both the truly overwhelming scope and scale of the devastation but also the remarkable humanitarian effort underway.
Here are a few of the many agencies that had been in Haiti before the earthquake, are there now and will be there long after the sense of urgency has passed.