America's Sweetheart

I was listening to Doris Day singing “Sentimental Journey” last night when a chilling thought blew over me: What if America
[via MTV] The 46-year-old actress (and original recipe America's sweetheart) recently sat down with MTV News to speak about
On Sunday night, she released a statement apologizing for her actions, saying, "I clearly had one drink too many and I am
It seems like whenever Friends alum Jennifer Aniston does anything -- however ordinary -- it merits a gossip item or at least a picture and caption.
Similarly, Mae West consciously created her own undulating and moaning "Diamond Lil" persona in part to keep fresh the memory
In a culture that is obsessed with celebrities and their shortcomings, Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson, and Amber Heard are setting the bar high for fellow and future actresses who desire to become this generation's role models.
Rielle Hunter is grosser than a Gross Baboon. Michelle Bombshell McGee shows the McGee family resemblance? Move over Michelle
Part I: Oprah, Lucy, and Mary Oprah Winfrey shares a unique distinction with Lucille Ball, the 1950s television comedienne