I have talked to dozens of Amherst Survivors who prove that my story is not unique. But that is not what many administrations across the county want non-Survivors to know; they want to make sure that Survivors appear to be unique, isolated and crazed.
"A lot of these boys going to Amherst College have been told yes all their life," Epifano said in an interview. "When they
HuffPost College has partnered with the investigative journalism class at the University of Massachusetts to report on open claims of sexual violence on colleges and universities, and how the institutions are responding to them.
I would like to suggest that there is reason to be ashamed of Amherst College, and a reason to be ashamed of ourselves. But I would also like to argue that, in our response, we have something to be proud of.
Editor’s note: HuffPost College is reprinting parts of a suicide note left by an Amherst College student named Trey Malone
According to the Badger Herald, reports of sexual assaults at UW-Madison have gradually increased over the past few years
As a student, you may feel like your school's policies and programs regarding sexual violence are largely out of your hands. They're not. I know this because I've seen a campus completely transform its sexual violence resources because of pressure from students.
The Board said the school had already hired Gina Maisto Smith, a partner at Ballard Spahr LLP, to review the College’s Title