A federal judge on Monday declined to block Amherst College from holding a hearing to adjudicate a five-year-old sexual assault
Yet punishing sex offenders remains a problem, Seward said. "Students want the problem to go away," said one senior, a sexual
I have talked to dozens of Amherst Survivors who prove that my story is not unique. But that is not what many administrations across the county want non-Survivors to know; they want to make sure that Survivors appear to be unique, isolated and crazed.
In response to the scrutiny that Amherst College has undergone in the media, they've found it necessary to bring about a new reform to the way they handle sexual misconduct on campus.
Amherst President Biddy Martin established a task force, which authored the report, in the wake of Angie Epifano's op-ed
I would like to suggest that there is reason to be ashamed of Amherst College, and a reason to be ashamed of ourselves. But I would also like to argue that, in our response, we have something to be proud of.
In a blog post, the series' founders note they were inspired by Project Unbreakable, a popular Tumblr with a similar purpose
The note continued: "Pithy a statement as it may be, 'Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem' is certainly
"[The Board] is grateful to the many who have come forward to call attention to an urgent issue," members said in a statement