Amityville Horror

The "Amityville Horror" house is officially on the market.
For every audience member waiting to air drum on the downbeat after the measure of 5/4 after the preceding measure of 3/4, or trade power chords for something jazzier, Time King is your band.
"It will always be here," one neighbor, who identified herself only as Linda, told WCBS radio. "People have horrible memories
40 years ago the now infamous “Amityville Horror” murders took place in a little-known town on Long Island. Still, decades later, the town hasn’t escaped the stigma.
Take a look: A slight tap on your shoulder, the scent of a lost loved one -- two great ways to tell if your house might be
RK: Under law, yes, we do. Alexandra Holzer: Have you been able to perform any sort of examination of it? AH: Ryan, what's
The final part of our series interview on the Science of Amityville concludes in the next post. I continue my three-part
The conversation covered not only Amityville, but a lot of other projects that Ryan is just as passionate about.
It was a long way off from the day in February 1958 when small pieces of furniture and her brother's globe began flying around
'Amityville Horror' Survivor Christopher Lutz reveals the truth about his 1975 experience In this scene from the documentary " Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies,"