Its initiative includes a video entitled "Let's Coexist," and in August 2016 it announced it would pilot a remote learning
The ban was appealed on the basis it's unconstitutional and was later lifted. But the ban on Dina's travel remains. Screen
Jordan must be highly vigilant in its fight against ISIS, especially if it wants to continue playing such a critical role within the coalition. Even though ISIS has not launched a thorough offensive against Jordan, the writing is already on the wall.
I left Damascus in the morning, sharing a taxi with an Iraqi dentist who lived in Texas, a teenage boy from Daraa, and an old woman whose hands were permanently dyed indigo from years of clothes making.
Urban refugees don't always make it onto the news, but they are suffering immensely. Over 650,000 Syrian refugees are living in Jordan and the majority lives in unfinished apartments and dilapidated buildings in the cities.
The war in Syria has forced more than five million people to flee from their homes. The vast majority of them are not in
Arab media aren't facing up to their responsibility of not fanning the flames of hate speech and sedition, and should exert more effort to mitigate conflicts they help provoke.
Jordanian officials said last week that the band’s music contradicts the country’s cultural and religious values.
AMMAN, Jordan -- Few people are looking seriously at the Jordanian model for how to deal with the threat of terrorism. They really should.
A recent self-curated food tour allowed me to see Amman, Jordan through a new lens. In hopes of rediscovering the county's charm, I veered off the beaten path and away from popular stakeouts like Hashem, Shawarma Reem, Habibah and Falafel Quds.