Ammon Bundy

"If I have to meet ’em on the front door with my friends and a shotgun, I’ll do that," said the man who led armed takeover of Malheur National Refuge.
Right-wing rancher and gubernatorial candidate Bundy, who seized public lands with supporters in 2016, called the baby's health treatment "medical tyranny."
The anti-government extremist was sentenced to 40 hours of community service on a trespassing charge after tying himself to a chair at the Idaho Legislature.
But the armed rancher who took over public lands in a 41-day standoff five years ago is now banned from the state capitol.
Dwight and Steven Hammond's conviction for torching federal lands sparked the takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge led by ranchers Ryan and Ammon Bundy.
The militiaman’s comments, one civil rights activist said, "crossed a moral line."
It’s the militia leader’s latest escalation in his attempt to use the COVID-19 pandemic to spread his extremist, anti-government views.
The GOP state representative helped plot Ammon Bundy's 2016 takeover of a rural wildlife refuge.
Bundy's father, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, became a hero of Western states' rights advocates in 2014.
"I know what we did was right," Bundy said of his acquittal in the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge.