Ammon Bundy

Bundy's father, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, became a hero of Western states' rights advocates in 2014.
"I know what we did was right," Bundy said of his acquittal in the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge.
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In a TMFS sketch, Shemp Bundy, nephew of Cliven Bundy offers #NoDAPL protesters tips on protesting "the Bundy way" after
Federal employees should "remain vigilant," the interior secretary says.
Prosecutors were planning their next attempt to try those who took over the federal site in Oregon.
A scuffle broke out in court after the defendants were acquitted for the armed takeover of a U.S. wildlife refuge.
Seven people face conspiracy charges after they seized a wildlife refuge in Oregon, claiming it as a protest over federal overreach.
Guns brought by followers helped spread the anti-government message, he testified.
The occupation's accused ringleader wept as he recounted what he said was government mistreatment of his family.
“I have no choice to get the truth to the jury but to get on the stand," Bundy said.
Prosecutors allege that the men's intentions were not peaceful protest, but rather to confront the government over land.