Scientists were thrilled to find the inch-long "cave squeaker" alive and well.
Photos by Brian Gratwicke via Flickr Creative Commons and by the Toledo Zoo. The eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis
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This reluctance to actively consider something that causes cognitive dissonance or necessitates reappraisal of our actions is reprehensible. This reluctance is the death knell of countless species and ecosystems on Earth that we have come to love and are loathe to imagine the world without.
So far, we haven't had the will, and the sense of responsibility, to do what's often inconvenient in order to change the climate trajectory. Too many attempt to stay comfy in individual cocoons, avoiding action and seemingly unconcerned even about their own children, let alone their neighbors on this planet.
Think you got what it takes to put the "neato" in Magneto?
The smaller fossilized amphibian is tentatively identified as another species, Cherlyderpeton latirostris, but it may be
Protecting our amphibians and reptiles will always be a good way not only to protect these animals but to protect the environments we share with them, and the jobs, of all kinds, provided by their delicate, irreplaceable ecosystems.
"The combination of a mouth cavity and bone conduction allows Gardiner's frogs to perceive sound effectively without use
The world these animals lived in was still recovering from the mass extinction at the end of the Permian era that wiped out