Nurse Mary K. Brown allegedly told co-workers she planned to display the foot at her family's taxidermy shop with a sign saying, “wear your boots kids.”
The 31,000-year-old skeleton's early surgery “rewrites the history of human medical knowledge and developments."
"Tuesday, I’ll be seeing 'House of Gucci' with my best friend. Wednesday, I’ll be staring at my ceiling. And Thursday, I’ll be having my left arm cut off around 3 p.m."
The "Rock of Ages" actor has been battling the coronavirus for over two weeks.
This woman was unable to find a prosthesis to match her skin tone.
For some people, this "phantom" pain is so severe that it makes it harder for them to use prosthetic limbs.
John was a godsend. A wake-up call, shall you say. This is what could happen if I don't take care of myself.
If patients knew the stats and figures surrounding advanced wounds they would never ignore them and would seek treatment right away. However, it is important to remember that it is not the patient's fault. It is extremely hard to get someone to care about an issue until it crashes into a daily reality. We must do more as a healthcare community to educate the masses.
Fairness toward our Muslim neighbors requires fair treatment of the Qur'an, including its difficult passages. This can be done by considering mainstream Muslim interpretations and exploring context.