AmpSurf is a non-profit organization that helps amputees find freedom on the water! It was established to promote, inspire, educate, and rehabilitate (PIER™) adaptive surfing and other outdoor activities.
Students at Johns Hopkins University have developed a prosthetic foot that can adapt to heels up to four inches high.
My plea is - particularly to funders - to focus support on the valley of death between proof-of-concept and commercialization. Without it, there is no impact at scale.
Photograph by Alex Barberio Visit Raw Beauty Project NYC to read about the additional models participating in the event, and
For those of us who have never lost a limb, it's impossible to really understand the type of physical and emotional trauma
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Mind-controlled robotic limbs have, in some form, existed for a while: As early as 2010, the Defense Advanced Research Projects
April is Limb Loss Awareness Month. Our nation has become all too aware of limb loss this April as a result of the Boston bombings. I am not an amputee myself, but I share a connection with the amputee community because of my dogs, both of whom are missing limbs and are certified therapy dogs.
"Considering that we are born with and have a lifelong experience of having a physical body, I find it remarkable that the