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The prosecution had claimed the award-winning journalist wasn't acting as a reporter but a trespasser.
As the producer of the feature documentary A Different American Dream, about the impact of fracking on the neighboring Fort
Something extraordinary and unprecedented is happening within the environmental movement. The epicenter of this "Earth"-quake is Sacred Stone Camp on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota.
It is quite possible that a question from an unknown Malaysian female journalist in Laos was the genesis for the sudden and unexpected intervention by the Obama administration.
I'm about to shock you, so be prepared. I'm going to defend a more-hated entity than Congress. I'm going to defend the media, the universally agreed-upon Dr. Frankenstein in the creation of Donald Trump.
Amy Goodman, the host and executive producer of "Democracy Now!," sits down with HuffPost Live to discuss the her book Democracy
Of all the excuses ladled out for the Obama administration's shredding of the Fourth Amendment while assaulting press freedom and prosecuting "national security" whistleblowers, none is more pernicious than the claim that technology is responsible.
Poking the sky with its palatial spires was Symbiosis Gathering, a three-day camping, transformational music festival whose aesthetics are likened to that of Burning Man.
It seems every so often polka dots pop back into the fashion scene, and when designers like Dolce & Gabbana go spotty like this season, it's time to spring up and take notice.
After a little trial and error, here's an easy DIY project for a surprise lantern pull string that you could use for a variety of special occasions.
British comedian and actor Russell Brand sat down with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! for an extended interview about his new book.
This isn't perceived typically as a welcomed change to "do the right thing" but as a form of death, to their bottom lines
The irony of it all: Jones may have drawn more attention to his testimony by not disclosing his ties than he would have by being transparent about them up-front, as required by the House.
As the skiers race downhill, also going downhill is US relations with Russia and Venezuela where an opposition leader backed by the National Endowment for Democracy is now in jail as street protests escalate.
On lack of results for a minimum wage increase, Nader reiterated a question he previously posed to Amy about the President
"No one then said that every white Christian man in American should be rounded up because of what Timothy McVeigh did," she
She cited a Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting study, which examined NBC, ABC, NBC and PBS' evening newscasts during the