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Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley and the rest of the cast talk haircuts and a potential revival.
Why Amy Jo Johnson says she had 'horrible nightmares' after one "Power Rangers" appearance.
And she did. It's Morphin' time! But hey, she's the Pink Power Ranger, she can achieve anything. H/T Uproxx Amy Jo Johnson
Ms. Johnson is embarking on a much bigger project: seeking funding for her first feature, The Space Between. I was curious to learn how she had got from that first film to now, and what this new film was all about, and she was nice enough to answer my questions.
Mandy Moore For better or worse, Mandy Moore’s fame hasn’t endured to quite the same degree as say, Christina Aguilera or
Indiegogo is one of several crowdfunding services that have sprung up in recent years, the idea being that you use social media to get a bunch of strangers to help finance your project. People contribute because your campaign touches them in some way.
After 75 episodes, the award-winning Canadian police drama "Flashpoint" is ending. "Flashpoint" has seen consistent ratings
ION Television has renewed its original police drama "Flashpoint" for a fifth season. The network is picking up 13 more episodes