amy kremer

The Kentucky senator plans to speak at Women for America First’s gathering at Trump’s Miami golf course, an event that will likely put big money in Trump’s pocket.
Amy Kremer runs Women for America First, which hosted the rally in front of the White House, and her April event will generate cash for his ailing property.
“I knew I was going to take a beating and a lashing for supporting Donald Trump,” one woman who supports Trump said.
That's the question that was posed at a Feb. 21 CNN panel moderated by anchor Carol Costello and composed of journalists
“It is pure baloney to say we have to pay the bills for things Congress has already approved. We are drawing the line on
Sure, the nascent Occupy Wall Street movement is a bit of a grab bag, but at least the core ideas make some kind of human sense.
She added, "If Romney is the nominee, I believe that we want to defeat Barack Obama." WASHINGTON -- Leaders of one of the
Likely Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former governor of liberal Massachusetts, could be looking at trouble
(CNN) - Tom Tancredo's third party bid for Colorado governor is getting a big endorsement from a leading member of the Tea