Amy Seimetz

The writer-actor-director opens up about playing Rachel Creed in the latest adaptation of Stephen King's morbid classic.
The woman to my left at the Paris Theater premiere of The Girlfriend Experience pulled a lipstick out of her Prada bag and applied the nude Bobbi Brown in one swift motion without a mirror. I do that with my way more risky Russian red MAC, I thought, feeling competitive, and contemplating the series sample I was about to see.
This documentary-style, comedy series was conjured up by Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock (as it happens, both history buffs) over a lunch spent discussing Guest's dabbling in the world of genealogy.
Chris O'Dowd * Drops mic, walks off. * Nuances Family Tree is the kind of show the DVR was invented for. It's layered with
Kris (Amy Seimetz) in a half-dream, her face reflecting the ambiguity of the neither/nor space where the new archetype emerges
He'll play Tom Seward, who is described as “a death row inmate for whom the clock is ticking down. A lifelong convict born
"Sleepover" stars a largely unknown cast that is already gaining special critical notice: aside from being a nice metaphor