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YouTube's "How To Be: Mark Ronson" looks at the musician and megaproducer, who has worked with Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse.
Tour company Base doesn't detail the "challenges" of its plan to resurrect the soulful singer on stage.
The late "Rehab" singer's father said the hologram "would be a tremendous way" for Amy "to revisit her fans."
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The Latina transformed into the late singer for a Lip Sync Battle performance.
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Buyer beware: You have to pay extra to sniff the celebrity feces.
The past few years have been highly productive for American singer Beth Hart. With Fire On The Floor she's releasing her
"There's a word for this kind of thing, and that word is: lying. The invention of fake people to make fake arguments perfectly
It's launching five years after the singer died from alcohol poisoning.
Each time a showbiz icon self-destructs we are left feeling dismay and confusion. We are sad to lose someone we loved for
MR: On "Wristband," my impression of what's happening is a fall from a certain level of living and then trying to get "back
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"Before FRANK" is a compilation of photos taken before the singer's debut album release.
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Some people are content to satisfy their appetites and there are others for whom, appetite and satiety aren't enough. Ambition
Before Chris Rock said "Good night," he said "Black lives matter." Mom said, When the nominees for Best Makeup were announced
Pineapple Inside Out Cake dotted with Bryan Cranberries, Jennifer Jason Jujubees and Brooklyndor Truffles served a la mode
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Visit NNPA Syndication Film Critic Dwight Brown at Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution (****) Whittling
We live in a perfect storm that invites addiction in and then nourishes it. We must now realize that addiction is among the most serious and costly diseases we face. And in order to change, we are actually going to have to change the way we understand it, the way we relate to those who have it and the ways we treat it.