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Amy Poehler is making her directorial debut with ‘Wine Country,’ a new Netflix comedy film starring many of her former ‘SNL’ castmates like Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer.
"A fun thing about having teens is how they text you from school to tell you they don't like their lunch."
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. If a performer shows an instrument, she'd better be able to play. Teasing
"My parenting philosophy is 'Try not to lose your shit.'"
While it was too intense--or just too strange--to win over a substantial majority in a 299-seat house in 1998, it should earn roars of approval this week from the vast majority of playgoers at the 2,200-seat City Center.
I sat down with Jonathan Groff during an early rehearsal for A New Brain to discuss his excitement for the show both as a fan and star of this production, as well as to get some insight into Lapine's creative process as his director, while this new vision comes to life.
One of "Saturday Night Live" alum Ana Gasteyer's most famous impressions was of Martha Stewart, which made it super awkward
1. It wasn't originally supposed to be about Watergate. The film's genesis stemmed from Fleming and Longin lamenting the
This kind of talent clearly comes from spending lots time in front or a mirror or up in the attic -- where fooling around or perhaps just trying to make yourself laugh becomes inspiration.
Catch Gasteyer on Season 3 of "Suburgatory," premiering on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. "There's way too much
Check out the interview above to see McKinnon talk about her pre-"SNL" career aspirations and her audition for the show. "SNL