ana mendieta

Rowan Renee reclaims their body in a gorgeous series of photos.
Raquelin Mendieta remembers her sister and the indelible mark she left on art.
Just don't expect pretty pictures of pretty flowers.
Wendy Guerra is a rare bird in a country where everyone is seeking conclusive adjectives and extreme descriptions.
Fast forward 60 years and contemporary art has transformed dramatically from Kahlo's day, in regards to accepted media, subject
It's no surprise that this week-long event (through March 11) is a must-see exhibition on a grand and elegant scale, where many of the art dealers are as respected and well-known as the artists they represent.
Hershman Leeson asks the audience? "Can you name three women artists?" She took her camera into the streets where flabbergasted subjects exiting world-class museums struggle to name names. A few, tentatively, produce, "Frida Kahlo?"
The rise of feminism corresponds roughly with the expansion of the artworld to include women's production. This is a history that began predominantly in impelling women's art as an expression of the identification of women apart from men.