"A lot of people think, 'Did Nicki write you a check for $1 million?'" he says. "No. That's not how it happened."
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The invasive snake, which is illegal to own in the state, can grow to 29 feet and more than 550 pounds.
The most typical way to view and experience the Peruvian Amazon is by boat, specifically with Rainforest Cruises. The Delphin
Nicki Minaj finally got the accolade and news of it was relatively quiet until it started receiving a lot of attention — for all the wrong reasons.
“All of a sudden, after the 'Anaconda' Nicki Minaj music video and Iggy Azalea, people are like, getting on board with the
Taylor Hatala is giving Taylor Swift a run for her money. The 11-year-old YouTube sensation, famous for her viral "Shake
Paul Rosolie’s daredevil debut didn’t go so well. The researcher and naturalist covered himself in pig’s blood and donned a special suit to get swallowed alive by an anaconda and get it all on camera.
The Discovery Channel special, Eaten Alive, was hyped up quite a bit leading up to Sunday night's airing. It is not a show a snake lover would watch, but I felt very compelled to.
For a predator that can easily outweigh a grown man, we still know very little about the anaconda. How many of them are there? How are they adapting to the rapid changes in Amazonia today? How big are they getting? But before the snakes can be studied they must be found, and once they are found they must be restrained.
"This is animal abuse to the highest degree and absolutely disgusting, and could kill the snake," the petition reads. "An
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Think a younger crowd would react differently? Turns out, not really. Luckily you don't have to see your own family members
Your anaconda don't want none? Hey, comedian Jessica McKenna gets it. It's basically the best thing ever that artists like