Analog television

Our look back at Obama's second 100 days will begin with a short overview, and then move on to the categories: "the best of times," "the worst of times," and "the age of (media) foolishness."
Today marks the end of Analog Television; AOL acquires local news site Patch and events site; Yahoo announces that Timothy Morse will serve as the company's new CFO.
Even after Friday, low-power analog stations and rural relay stations known as "translators" will still be available in some
This entry marks the first installment of my long awaited series, The Simplificator, offering easily parroted explanations of the technologies that rule our daily lives.
Coming soon to a town hall near you: the Federal Communications Commission with a message about how to survive the impending
The picture has been going out on Tom Gilbert's quarter-century-old rabbit-ear Sony (SNE) TV set for years. But what finally
Washington recently woke up and realized that Feb. 17, 2009 was less then two years away. This wouldn't matter except that it's the day the government has chosen to be the end of analog television.