Anatomical Wonders

Bird lover and self-described “Parrotman” Ted Richards had his face tattooed with feathers, cut off his ears and risked going blind by having his eyes colored with ink.
Dai Andrews performed the stunt for the new "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" series, which debuts Sunday on the Travel Channel.
This clip from "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" shows sword swallower Dai Andrews attempt to swallow a very curved blade.
The oddity empire is releasing its latest book ahead of its 100th anniversary in December.
Her family called her "the goddess," and she was known for patience and kindness.
The record holder's granddaughter says he credits his longevity to sweets.
There are different theories about why this happens.
Mark Goffeney is a musician born without any arms. He lifts just about everything with his feet and doesn't let his disability get in the way of achieving his dreams.