The Massachusetts senator made the claim in her own handwriting on her 1986 State Bar of Texas registration card.
A DNA test united the mother and daughter after nearly 80 years.
Sales of the DNA kit increased by 700 percent in just one day.
I do not celebrate Thomas Jefferson or Sally Hemings. I celebrate opportunities where I can overcome the flaws in my family tree and embrace the greatness of my inheritance.
The founding fathers may have all been white men in wigs, but their descendants certainly aren't.
Originally published on Ozy Georgetown University recently acknowledged its historical role in slavery, offering preferential
How I found my family, but lost my mind, through DNA.
Our family's histories live on through us. We can all learn from the past. These lessons have the ability to fuel -- and to heal -- our futures.
And another hidden gem, a book written by Melkon's older brother, Harutune Jenanyan, detailed experiences and cultural accounts
There is a natural and universal desire to know who we are and where we come from. Ancestry gives people the tools to discover more about themselves by uncovering unique family stories and documents, by connecting with relatives (known and unknown), by building out their family tree, and through our AncestryDNA test.
No matter where you fall on the spectrum of how you feel about it, it's a tool. And for those of us looking for clues into family members it can be very helpful.
Since I still have family in the tiny, lesser-known town of Santiago de las Vegas, and I just barely qualified as being second
He reaches up and gently pulls a tuft of his hair to show me how easily it falls out. It's grey now, his hair. It wasn't
We are living in an exciting time, indeed historic, with the incredible advent of DNA testing being so readily accessible and affordable
A new paper explains why it can be dangerous to think otherwise.