The singer's family background was questioned in an October report by CBC.
The "Ticket To Paradise" star was the latest celebrity to uncover their true ancestry on "Finding Your Roots."
The two popular DNA testing kits are majorly marked down for Amazon's Prime Day.
The actor and wife Rita Wilson were told of the ancestral link at a recent screening for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” starring Hanks as Fred Rogers.
The Massachusetts senator made the claim in her own handwriting on her 1986 State Bar of Texas registration card.
A DNA test united the mother and daughter after nearly 80 years.
Sales of the DNA kit increased by 700 percent in just one day.
I do not celebrate Thomas Jefferson or Sally Hemings. I celebrate opportunities where I can overcome the flaws in my family tree and embrace the greatness of my inheritance.
The founding fathers may have all been white men in wigs, but their descendants certainly aren't.