anchor babies

He's now calling Cruz an "anchor baby."
What we are looking at is a middle class that is dying, literally, and a party that supposedly represents them holding their head under water. As long as the GOP fights middle class progress they will have a difficult time reaching the votes they need outside of rural areas and winning the presidency.
In the face of the overwhelming legal authority against them, you might expect Trump and his minions to let anchor babies off the hook and declare a truce in the war against them. Don't count on it.
When Hillary compares the Republicans to "terrorists" and suggests they will round up undocumented immigrants and put them in "box cars," evoking memories of the Holocaust, she changes the focus from the absurdity of their positions to scrutiny of hersel
The entire Trump phenomenon reminds me of a basic rule from the world of magical/fantasy fiction. It's not quite Asimov's "three laws of robotics," but it's still been used my many authors who write about wizards casting dangerous spells.
In a recent press conference, Jeb Bush clumsily (and erroneously) said that the phenomenon of so-called "anchor babies" was "frankly, more related to Asian people."
Apparently we're going to hear much more about "illegals" from the GOP campaign, and among their rote talking points will be how harmful such immigrant are for the U.S. economy and workers. Standing against such nonsense is not only the humane thing to do, however, but the factual thing to say as well.
The real fear of Republicans about politically correct discourse is their over-reliance on offensive language to arouse the emotions in their base of marginally-educated white males by appealing to their fear of "the other."