anders behring breivik

He was detained before appearing at a far-right conference over fears his "hate speech" could trigger violence, an official said.
After the Christchurch attack, New Zealand faces the question of how to deny the accused shooter a platform to spread hate.
The Christchurch massacre was built on existing far-right memes that fueled a live-streaming gunman's viral aspirations.
The law would go into effect about a decade after the 2011 mass shooting on Utoya island. Norway hasn't had another mass shooting since then.
The court determined the killer has "not been, subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment.”
Unni Turrettini's book The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer: Anders Behring Breivik and the Threat of Terror in Plain Sight (Pegasus Books, November16, 2015) impressed me with its extensive research and insights that she has on the motivations of that deadliest of killers, the lone wolf.
One of the most striking aspects of the book is that Turrettini delves into the Norwegian culture of Jante or Janteloven
Three days ago, on July 22—five years to the day of Anders Behring Breivik’s mass killing of seventy-seven people in Norway