Andhra Pradesh

Officials are trying to determine the cause of the illness. So far, patients have tested negative for COVID-19.
Video footage from the scene showed members of the disaster management team and locals trying to rescue trapped passengers from windows and debris using phones to provide light.
MUMBAI -- The Foundation for Ecological Security in India has transformed denuded hillsides and valleys into healthier, biodiverse environments with opportunities for families to expand their livelihoods. This could be just the beginning of bigger things to come.
45 people trapped inside a burning bus died in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday morning. The bus, reportedly speeding, hit a road divider and burst into flames. All but seven of the passengers perished within minutes, including an infant.
Climate change is as much about politics as it is about science and to act on it would require political mobilization preceded by a greater public demand to acknowledge and act on this clear and present danger.
While the Andhra Pradesh crisis caused significant changes and challenges within the Indian microfinance industry, the general consensus seems to be that the introduction of regulation into the sector is productive.
Let's hope that for-profit companies can balance profit motives with social impact because government and nonprofits can't solve the world's problems by themselves.