andi dorfman

The former "Bachelorette"-turned-author thinks people are gonna be shocked.
"I saw clips of national news anchors on TV calling me a slut."
The former "Bachelorette" doesn't hold back in the tell-all about her breakup with Josh Murray.
The "Here To Make Friends" podcast talks Ep. 1 and get lots of gossip from former "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman.
Like many of those who've gone before her, Andi turned this break up into an opportunity and wrote us a tell-all disguised as a break up advice book.
"You get hit with a break-up and you're like, 'Wow. My stuff is no different than anyone else.'"
Former "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman breaks it all down.
Dorfman insisted that although she loved Murray, they weren't necessarily good for each other. The "Bachelorette" star sat
A rep for the reality stars issued a statement revealing that the two have called off their engagement: "After several months
If a man in her same position wouldn't have been embarrassed by it, why should Dorfman? If we're going to argue that Dorfman has the right to sleep with whomever she wants without shame, we can't react as if Viall was wrong to call her out on it.
Besides the mystery letter, Nick V. also caused a stir when he revealed that he and Andi got intimate on the show, saying