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The claim was "so bizarre," the "Maid" actor told Stephen Colbert.
"Can you imagine how crazy I must look?" the "No Man's Land" actor said of her air-travel protection against COVID-19.
Due out Dec. 13, Paramount Networks' new Christmas rom-com is one of several LGBTQ-inclusive offerings hitting the small screen this season.
The "Groundhog Day" star discussed her daughter's relationship at a fashion show in Paris.
He also accurately predicted other aspects of her life, according to the “Ready or Not” actress.
Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell return and "not everything will go as planned," screenwriter Richard Curtis said.
The former "Daily Show" correspondent said it is "truly an honor."
Nearing age 60, MacDowell returns with one of the best roles of her career. But why isn't she as famous as Nicole Kidman?
MacDowell is featured in a new film about the life and career of the artist.
As the face of L'Oreal, do you feel the pressure, the responsibility to empower women? Andie MacDowell: Interesting. A friend
At a time when Hollywood is dealing with #OscarsSoWhite, Chihuahuas on a Plane is bound to score Oscar Gold next year. He's
"HELP I paid for first class & they put me in tourist because of my dog that I pre-booked & paid for"
Magic Mike XXL works because the comedy is placed in the right moments and when it is time to "Take It Off!", the comedy is dropped and sheer passion oozes from the screen. Seconds? Count me in!
While “Magic Mike XXL” has been praised for its feminist themes since its release last week, the film also tackled some stereotypes
Female viewers flocked to the theaters to watch “Magic Mike XXL” when the flick hit the big screen last week. And many of