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Pattinson and director Claire Denis break down key elements of the hypnotic movie, including the formula for fake semen.
The above lyrics, from the track "Get Up" ft. Young B.E. off Live From The Pentagon, are just a sampling of the profound
To know Terri LaCroix on ABC’s American Crime is not to like her -- and that’s the point.
Don't listen to the rumors -- the "ATLiens" still spend plenty of time together.
"A mashup of Hall of Famers from America's two favorite pastimes."
For the full interview, head to The Fader. A film by Greg Brunkalla titled "Trumpets" is also playing alongside Benjamin's
Jimi: All is By My Side offers a snapshot of the singer's journey from Harlem to the heights of fame on the other side of the pond. Interestingly, however, the film was shot in Dublin, which acts as a stand-in for the swinging 60's in London -- a fact that thrilled the film's Dublin-based Costume Designer Leonie Prendergast.
From the instant we meet him in "All is By My Side," Hendrix's signature blend of humility and egoism is on display. He never
There is a space where existential nuance and personal confession all exist in the rhythms of a dreamscape universe. This is the world of Pell, and with his recent album Floating While Dreaming, he transports us to a universe of varied influences manifested in ambient sounds and serious hip-hop grooves.
In Pics: 'Jimi: All Is by My Side': Photos From the Set of the Hendrix Biopic In "Jimi: All Is By My Side," set for a Sept
Despite a strong introduction, the film quickly falls into a narrative that is hyper focused on rap music, yet fails to include in a meaningful way, other musical movements that were taking place simultaneously and contributed significantly to the rise of Atlanta rap.