andre carson

"We want full accountability,” said Rep. Ilhan Omar, organized the letter along with her Muslim Democratic colleagues Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Andre Carson.
“We are in the middle of a police violence epidemic here in America that should shock the conscience of the nation.”
"Our community ... still isn't big enough in the context of really wielding our electoral power."
We have a chance to choose hope over fear. For our Muslim brothers and sisters' sake, for our American family's sake, for our nation's sake, let us choose wisely.
Rep. Andre Carson said he blames the current "toxic environment."
The US government is paying money to strategically 'advise and support' Myanmar's Union Election Commission (UEC), which is disqualifying Muslim parliamentarians, striking Muslims from the ballot in next week's parliamentary elections, and even blocking their right to vote.
Last Friday, a biker gang of about 250 armed protesters, carrying assault rifles, pistols, American flags and depictions
“It does worry me that someone wants to go on an international campaign to whip up hate, hysteria and division,” said Ellison
“We are still protesting in the spirit of the civil rights movement," she said. "We are reclaiming Dr. Martin Luther King