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Split-screen video shows the similarity between the superstar's famous NBA Finals play and LeBron James Jr.'s defensive gem.
The Golden State Warriors forward also clarified his racially charged comments on Monday.
The problem for the Cavs is that their personnel can't match up defensively with the Warriors because they insist on playing Kyrie (38 min) and Kevin Love (37 min) -- heavy minutes. And the Warriors are incredibly disciplined about punishing bad defenders.
Delly grabbed Iggy’s junk and the internet had a field day.
The NBA All-Star talks about how sleep became central to his daily routine.
Greatness like this simply doesn't come along often.
It must be fun to mess with the emotions of thousands upon thousands of people.
What hasn't the 30-year-old megastar done? Irving went down early and James was forced to become a point-forward, essentially
LeBron James made a statement after the Cavaliers lost in Game 5. He said that he was the "best player in the world." On Tuesday night, he watched the best NBA team in the world hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy on his own home court.
Warriors win it all! Warriors win the championship! I still can't quite fathom that Golden State actually finally won the title. But they did. Hallelujah. After living in the Bay Area for 23 years and suffering most of the time as a Warriors' fan, the Dubs finally won the trophy.